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Convene with your peers in a collaborative setting to foster insights on how to run a studio well.

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Unite with your peers within a dynamic and collaborative environment to garner insights into studios, forge connections within your industry, and engage intimately with subject matter experts in an exclusive and discreet atmosphere.

Dive deeper into topics and challenges affecting the studios sector alongside your peers, engaging in one-on-one discussions and participating in a small group cohort of 8 to 10 professionals who share similar roles and responsibilities at studios.

Morrow's Forums, facilitated by subject matter experts and guided by a moderator, provides leaders in the studio field with a platform to cultivate collective wisdom and challenge assumptions, all in the company of people who understand the unique demands of your profession.

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Forums are coming online with leaders like yourself. Join in a Studio Forum to better your career and your studio operation.

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Forums are coming online for leaders in the accelerator industry.

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