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How it Works

The Forum for Industry Impact enables strategic alignment between organizations for maximum industry benefit. By coming together and taking a holistic view, you'll create a rising tide to advances your whole industry and millions of people who rely on it.

Forums consist of groups of 8-10 members who meet regularly led by a trained moderator. A forum requires members to be fully engaged and vulnerable. Members commit to preparing for and sharing impactful stories, listening without judgement, challenging themselves, maintaining confidentiality, holding themselves and peers accountable, and fulfilling member responsibilities

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View Industry List: We have compiled an extensive list of over 100 major industries, spanning a broad range of sectors and specializations.

Additive Manufacturing
Advanced Materials
Agriculture Technology
Algorithm Development
Analytical Chemistry
Applied Physics
Artificial Intelligence
Automotive & Transport
Aviation & Aerospace
Biomedical Engineering
Business Computing & Software
Chemical Engineering
Clean Technology
Cloud Computing
Computer Hardware
Computer Networking
Computer Vision
Construction Technology
Consumer Electronics
Data Analytics
Data Management & Analytics
Data Science
Defense Technology
Digital Health
Digital Media
Drone Technology
Electric Vehicle Technology
Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Electronics Manufacturing
Energy Storage
Energy Technology
Engineering Design
Engineering Services
Enterprise Software
Food Science & Technology
Food Technology
Genetic Engineering
Geospatial Technology
Healthcare IT
Industrial Automation & Robotics
Industrial Design
Information Services
Infrastructure Management
Internet Services
IoT & Connected Devices
IT Consulting
Life Sciences Tools & Services
Machine Learning
Marine Technology
Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Devices
Medical Technology
Meteorology & Climate Science
Mobile Development
Natural Language Processing
Navigation & Mapping
Network Security
Networking & Communications
Nuclear Science
Quantum Computing
Renewable Energy
Research & Development
Scientific Research & Development
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Sensor Technology
Sensors & Instrumentation
Smart Home Technology
Software Development
Space Technology
Synthetic Biology
Systems Engineering
Technical Writing
Unmanned Systems
Video Game Development
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Visualization Technology
Voice Technology
Wireless Communications

Bold Vision

As a startup founder, you have a bold vision to disrupt your industry and drive impactful change. But realizing that vision requires industry-wide support beyond just your company.

  • Help set standards and best practices that remove roadblocks for high-impact startups like yours to thrive.
  • Meet partners and potential customers excited to pilot new innovations and business models.

Industry Impact

The Forum for Industry Impact is where startup founders like you collaborate with others to transform your industry. This is your chance to advance your visionary ideas from the sidelines to center stage.

  • Join forces with complementary startups to demonstrate capabilities impossible for a single company.
  • Learn where others see the biggest opportunities for industry growth and evolution. Gain rare insights you can incorporate into your strategy.

Find Your People Who Understand Your Industry

The Forum for Industry Impact convenes 8-10 leaders poised to disrupt their industry or field. Engage in discussions about emerging technologies, business models, and market trends. Brainstorm ways to remove roadblocks inhibiting innovation. Share strategies on navigating partnerships, regulation, talent acquisition, and scaling your startup.

You'll come away with new perspectives, an unparalleled network, and actionable insights to accelerate your startup's success. This facilitated Forum led by experts provides an invaluable opportunity to strategize industry transformation alongside peers.

Download the Forum Guide to learn more and join upcoming Forums for Industry Impact.

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The Four Cornerstones of a Forum

I. Mindset in a Forum

Forums foster a unique environment where accelerator leaders can share openly without fear of judgment. Members listen to each other with deep respect, avoiding giving unsolicited advice. The focus is on learning from shared experiences rather than problem-solving. This mindset enables authentic vulnerability and trust.

II. Confidentiality in a Forum

Everything discussed within Forum stays confidential. Members commit to never sharing others' stories or revealing sensitive details. Breaching confidentiality results in automatic removal. This allows complete openness in sharing challenges and private matters. Confidentiality is critical for building trust.

III. Responsibility in a Forum

Forum members take personal responsibility for fully engaging in and committing to the group. This means prioritizing attendance, arriving prepared, and participating with undivided attention. Members also take responsibility for raising any concerns directly so they can be addressed openly, rather than letting issues build up privately.

IV. Vulnerability in a Forum

Accelerator members are willing to share at a deeper level by exposing their real challenges, fears or weaknesses. Rather than maintaining a facade of having "everything together," they reveal their authentic selves. This requires leaving egos aside and sharing their 5% most impactful experiences. Vulnerability breeds more vulnerability, gradually creating an environment where meaningful sharing occurs.