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Opportunities Abound

Morrow and its members provide top consultative services and guidance to startups and groups engaging in economic development across the globe.

Opportunities gravitate to Morrow from both usual and unusual sources. We can swiftly identify novel sources of value and embolden organizations to surpass their own anticipations and materialize strategies into measurable triumphs—all within time frames they previously deemed implausible.

The Morrow Global Network of accelerator leaders brings together knowledge and experience from diverse industries and regions, ensuring that you have access to the best resources and support when you have a complex problem that needs a solution from experienced leaders.

With a presence across the globe, members of Morrow offer insights and opportunities that span international markets, providing unparalleled access to prospects.

When partnering with Morrow and the global network, you gain a trusted ally dedicated to growth and prosperity. Let us leverage our extensive network and collective expertise to help you overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve your goals on a global scale.

Accelerator Partnerships

Enlist Morrow Members to Advise and Consult

Seek out advisors with expertise in the many facets of startup development, including fundraising, product development, marketing, legal affairs, and strategic partnerships.

Advising to Morrow Members

Are you an accelerator leader wanting to build upon your consultative practice? Accelerator members of Morrow are given special opportunities and access to special projects impacting people and regions around the world.

Advising for Economic Development Agencies

Startups create both the measurable and immeasurable—are you aligned with an economic development organization in need of support?

Advising for New or Emerging Accelerators

Are you in the next generation of accelerator managing directors creating a new program for startup founders? Find an accelerator mentor and advisors to be a sounding board for your entrepreneurial effort.

Advising for Corporate Accelerators

Corporate accelerators hold significant potential for driving a corporate innovation strategy—and yet, many corporate innovation initiatives fail to launch. Scrappy startups work differently. Look outside your organization and let a member of Morrow help guide you through the nuances of working well with startup founders.

Advising on RFPs or Special Projects

Planning to respond to an RFP or engage in a special project? Likely, there’s an accelerator member of Morrow that can help you win the day as part of your core team with your special project.

Start a Partnership

Let’s imagine together how an advisor or managing director can positively impact your organization. Let’s brainstorm the possibilities today and find members to meet the challenges you're facing.

Partnerships with Morrow

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