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The Strategic View to Advance Your Region

How it Works

The Forum for Regional Impact is an initiative that brings together leaders from various cities and regional corridors. The goal is to foster collaboration and alignment between members to drive greater cumulative impact across the regional startup ecosystem.

Forums consist of groups of 8-10 members who meet regularly led by a trained moderator. A forum requires members to be fully engaged and vulnerable. Members commit to preparing for and sharing impactful stories, listening without judgement, challenging themselves, maintaining confidentiality, holding themselves and peers accountable, and fulfilling member responsibilities

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Where Leaders Align for Regional Transformation

The Regional Impact Forum enables leaders to align strategically for maximum regional benefit.

Regional Impact

Convenes directors, managers, and other senior leaders from programs in a defined geographic region (e.g. Pacific Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, etc.)

  • Provides a space for program leaders to step back from their day-to-day management and take a broader view of the regional ecosystem.
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing between programs on best practices, emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Better Collaboration

Allows leaders to identify systemic gaps, redundancies, and areas for better collaboration in regional programming and initiatives.

  • Encourages joint projects, shared resources, and complementary programming between programs to boost overall regional support for startups.
  • Sets shared goals and priorities for the region based on input from all participating programs.

New Partnerships

Leads to new partnerships, alliances, and coordination between programs that collectively amplify the region's startup resources and assets.

  • Can interface with other key entities like economic development agencies, venture capital firms, universities, and corporate innovators to align priorities.
  • Measures and communicates the collective impact of programs in attracting talent, developing startups, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth across the region.

Shape the Future for Millions in Your Region

Where in the world are you and what do you see as impacting your region or city.

Bring your knowledge, experience and influence to the table. Help set the agenda for regional progress and prosperity for year's to come in a Regional Impact Forum.

Download the Forum Guide today to learn more about Forums from Morrow.

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The Four Cornerstones of a Forum

I. Mindset in a Forum

Forums foster a unique environment where accelerator leaders can share openly without fear of judgment. Members listen to each other with deep respect, avoiding giving unsolicited advice. The focus is on learning from shared experiences rather than problem-solving. This mindset enables authentic vulnerability and trust.

II. Confidentiality in a Forum

Everything discussed within Forum stays confidential. Members commit to never sharing others' stories or revealing sensitive details. Breaching confidentiality results in automatic removal. This allows complete openness in sharing challenges and private matters. Confidentiality is critical for building trust.

III. Responsibility in a Forum

Forum members take personal responsibility for fully engaging in and committing to the group. This means prioritizing attendance, arriving prepared, and participating with undivided attention. Members also take responsibility for raising any concerns directly so they can be addressed openly, rather than letting issues build up privately.

IV. Vulnerability in a Forum

Accelerator members are willing to share at a deeper level by exposing their real challenges, fears or weaknesses. Rather than maintaining a facade of having "everything together," they reveal their authentic selves. This requires leaving egos aside and sharing their 5% most impactful experiences. Vulnerability breeds more vulnerability, gradually creating an environment where meaningful sharing occurs.