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Let Potential Find Its Purpose

Discover and then welcome highly promising startups in their early stages to your next accelerator cohort.

Sourcing & Scouting

Every day, we receive pitches from ambitious startup founders seeking resources and investments. These founders possess an unlimited potential and yet–a limited understanding of the advantages an accelerator program affords their ventures.

Often reported as the most time-consuming and challenging task for accelerator program managers and managing directors– Morrow Scouts are available to help you source startups aligned with your program's goals and values. Morrow Scouts specialize in this task, bringing a passion for uncovering exceptional startups that match an accelerator’s mission and thesis, aligned to a timeline to when programs begin.

Let's Make a Match

Benefit from a steady influx of promising ventures for your next program.

Morrow Match has an extensive network for discovering startups aligned with your accelerator's vision and values. We handle the entire sourcing process - from targeted outreach across our network to conducting thorough interviews to understand a founders' needs. This enables you to focus on what matters more - supporting the entrepreneurs once they are in your program.

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