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A highly selective community of studio leaders. GSSN is for the world’s company builders, startup studios, and venture builders.

A highly selective community of studio leaders. GSSN is for the world’s company builders, startup studios, and venture builders.

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Frameworks and Data

Morrow’s Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) is the global network of startup studios that gives venture builders a reason to believe in themselves as an emerging entity class.

GSSN studios, and the spinouts they create, are an investment class the world is paying attention to. For investors looking to infuse capital, media authoring stories about the industry, and founders desiring a secure way to scale a startup, studios are future-proofing the way startups are created.

But startup studio leaders need resources, as well. GSSN supports studio leaders and imbues their CEOs and operators with insight, data, and community that make them go from good to great because GSSN’s benchmarking, white papers, and trend reports help studio leaders understand where the studio world is going next. On top of that, the GSSN community is continually updating its document repository, including legal frameworks and reports on defining studio operating models.

You’re in Good Company

The world’s fastest-growing innovation community

Startup studios solve real problems in our world. But how do you match great business ideas with proven entrepreneurs and resources to scale? By learning from one another.

Growing startup studios are invited to apply to GSSN, an emerging network of studio leaders who learn from their peers all while helping their entrepreneurs in residence succeed.

Insights You'll Need

A vision for how to do your job well

GSSN startup studios take ideas from the back of the napkin to product validation to the marketplace of real customers.

The network provides powerful and actionable insights that help you understand how to build the best studio and where to iterate your current operating model. The insights come from inside GSSN’s mighty network of venture builders alongside the GSSN research team.

Data on Studios

Exclusive data to run your studio

The startup world now knows how the startup studio model solves real problems by matching great business concepts with proven founders.

Just like how you use real data to test ideas and back them with funding, GSSN uses data from its network to share back trends and benchmarking data for you to understand how to best scale and change your model to create the most scalable ventures.

Disrupting the Venture Studio Landscape

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Why the Startup Studio Model is Where Investors Find Capital Efficiency

In a world where “startup studio,” “venture studio,” “company builder,” and “venture builder” are all terms used interchangeably, the conversation with investors and entrepreneurs about this innovative form of company building begins complicated and only digresses from there.

Morrow's Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) released this white paper to help educate startup communities on the growing startup studio model and the advantages it presents to its stakeholders. Read our White Paper: Disrupting the Venture Landscape


Startup Studio perspectives authored by experts in Morrow's Global Startup Studio Network.


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Lightship Capital, Cincinnati, United States of America

Bonds Between People

Enhance Ventures, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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You will turn company building into a science. Get the frameworks and tools you need to succeed, and learn to recruit the top human and financial capital to create high-impact startups from scratch, time and time again.

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