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Explore Membership in Morrow

Explore Membership in Morrow

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The World is Starting to Take Notice

Venture studio members of Morrow are building the next generation of startups.

Studio members of Morrow and the startups they create are an investment class that the world is paying attention to. For investors looking to infuse capital, media outlets authoring stories about the industry, and founders desiring a secure way to scale a startup, studios are future-proofing the way startups are created.

By cultivating deep beliefs in the transformative potential of entrepreneurship, Morrow members worldwide support startups with access to resources and play a vital role in driving innovation and fostering real growth.

The Morrow Access Membership is made available to those who support startups and their founders with financial investment, expert guidance, and access to a network with a strong heritage of helping founders wherever they call home.

Tomorrow's leading companies are coming online faster and better equipped to solve some of the world's most challenging problems because members of Morrow are better equipped to invest in these entrepreneurs.

The Morrow Access Membership gives studio members both the possibility and power to shape the future of innovation with startups across the globe within a network of accelerators, studios, and hubs.

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Join in a Forum

Empowered leaders make better decisions in uncertain times.

The Studio Managing Director Forum (a new offering) allows leaders to gain valuable insights and learn best practices for running their studios. Created for leaders, it’s the new place to connect with peers, share experiences, and gain perspectives.

Certify Your Studio

Launching Q3 of 2023, a Venture Studio Certificate will become available to both members and non-members of Morrow. The Venture Studio Certificate gives credibility to your studio operations and investors trying to learn more about the emerging entity class.

Data on Studios

Exclusive data to run your studio

Every year, Morrow and our research team prepare an annual survey to create a member-only data report that is shared exclusively with Morrow members and important media organizations.

These are the only industry-specific reports that analyze innovation organizations (accelerators and studios) and the startups they support.

Startup Studio Boot Camp

‍Join GSSN's 8-week immersion program where you'll design your studio's playbook with input from experienced GSSN leaders alongside a peer group.

You will turn company building into a science. Get the frameworks and tools you need to succeed, and learn to recruit the top human and financial capital to create high-impact startups from scratch, time and time again.

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Founders for Venture Studios

Morrow Programs
Sourcing & Recruiting

There is a certain type of founder that thrives within a studio environment. Ambitious with a bias to take action, a great EIR (entrepreneurs-in-residence) will take the studio concept into the real world and build up the business. And they are hard to find.

Focus on strengthening your studio competencies, and know that Morrow can support you in recruiting the best and brightest with our EIR Sourcing Program.

They find us because they are looking for you, a studio with strong internal capabilities that can match and support them with resources to get the business rolling.

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Engage your Portfolio

Morrow Platforms

The CONNECTS Portfolio License gives full access to all the features of CONNECTS to better manage your portfolio of startups. It allows for a branded instance of the platform to streamline the delivery of resources to your portfolio.

The first portfolio engagement platform, CONNECTS, gives you a functional platform to deliver resources to engage corporates and investors that will help your startups.

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Join Us at Summit

Our annual marque event convenes accelerator members alongside those from our studio and hubs community to gather a 3-day conference on how to run an innovation organization and support startups.

Available only to members, Summit is often discussed as the most valued event of the year for operators who run venture studios. You’ll engage with your peers in intimate and thoughtful discussions.

Over the course of three days, Summit provides a place for operators who run accelerator programs to exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn from each other. You'll have access to intimate and thoughtful discussions with your peers and a range of dynamic sessions that will help you both run your programs and support the startups you work alongside.

Summit is your opportunity to connect with fellow Morrow members, share your experiences, and gain valuable insights into how to run a successful innovation organization that supports startups.

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