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Showcasing Vetted Startups from Accelerators to a Global Pool of Active Investors

As a member, you'll nominate and vote on the most investment-ready ventures from your portfolio for exposure to investors. Venture capitalists from Silicon Valley to Singapore will gain visibility into tomorrow's unicorns before anyone else.

Spotlight your startups on a global stage to build lasting funding relationships with investors worldwide.

How it Works

Month-over-month, nominating, voting and selecting will result in investor introductions for startups your accelerator submits to the collective. Align your calendar to a cadence of events that you can commit to on an ongoing basis.

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For accelerators who are looking to get their startups and own funds in front of a global audience of investors.

  • Open the door for your startups to access our the global community of investors who are scouting emerging venture opportunities.


Investors know and we know how competitive it is to find promising seed and Ser

  • For investors in the Morrow Capital Collective, we serve up a monthly short-list of promising ventures that come from Morrow’s Global Network.


Startups get direct access to a investors passionate about emerging ventures. The Morrow Capital Collective nominates and vets startups.

  • Members vote on the top ventures. Investors review the shortlist and introductions are shepherded to startups they want to learn more about.

Join the Morrow Capital Collective

Elevate your startup's presence on the global stage and cultivate enduring investor partnerships. Become a part of the Morrow Investor Collective now and supercharge the growth trajectory for your entrepreneurial ventures.

Download the deck today to understand how to become a member in the Morrow Capital Collective.

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Head of Global Expansion & Partnerships

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