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Empowering leaders with the insight, data, and community to create a space where startups thrive

Empowering leaders with the insight, data, and community to create a space where startups thrive

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Where Startups Scale

The Global Hubs Network (GHN) welcomes leaders who create the space for startups to do their best work. 

Hubs in GHN blend startup support models (often called “programs”), acting as a connector of resources and people to enable a broader community’s innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup efforts to thrive.

For a Hub to join Morrow, the organization must run multiple programs annually, provide connections to resources in their community, and give startup founders a physical place to call home.

Insight & Data

Be more than a co-working space

Startups working in Hubs need a physical space to gather and value-adds from those who host them (you). Joining Morrow’s Global Hubs Network (GHN) gives more clarity on how to help startups that come to work in an office, on a campus, or in an innovation district.

Help Startups Grow

As startups grow, they need space to spread out to get their work done. Facilities with strong operations and those that attract the best startups in their communities will compound their returns with new tenants because of their reputation for being founder-friendly.

Morrow helps Executive Directors and Operations Managers with content paired with context to make startups feel right at home in their Hubs.


Learn from leaders' perspectives in our Global Hubs Networks and from leaders in the Global Accelerator Network and the Global Starutp Studio Netowrk.


From Accelerator to Innovation Powerhouse

H-Farm, Venice, Italy

Creating Something Great

Lightship Capital, Cincinnati, United States of America
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Create Founder-Friendly Environments

Startups want to work next to other startups. For Hubs, this means making the space welcoming and giving startups value-added programs to help their businesses scale.

Are you a Hub or another co-working space?

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Harness the full potential of your innovation organization and forge ahead with like-minded mortals making the world a better place. Learn about membership and the criterion we use to gain access to Morrow's Global Hubs Network (GHN).

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