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Scale your work in Morrow's Global Accelerator Network.

Scale your work in Morrow's Global Accelerator Network.

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What is Morrow’s Global Accelerator Network (GAN)? Members of GAN are leaders of accelerators who build the next generation of powerful startups wherever they call home. GAN imbues Managing Directors and Program Managers with the insight, data, and community to go from good to great – and stay great – because of the actionable trends, benchmarking, and peer group GAN provides. 


Insights You’ll Need

Where is the world going

We look inside and outside our network to discover what's coming next.

We gather insights and perspectives to share with our members. The team at Morrow gathers the right data to garner the insights you’ll need to understand better how startups grow in a world that changes quickly.

Connected Community

Accelerators helping startups succeed

GAN’s global network of vision-driven accelerator leaders helps thousands of startups globally build for a better tomorrow.

Year after year, GAN’s community of value-minded accelerator leaders and their teams work together to challenge one another on the status quo, share investors and mentors, and create activations that serve startups, alumni, and founders, wherever they call home.

Signals for Startups

Data about the next generation of startups

Data on startups signals where the world is headed next and what we will do to help.

GAN’s data will challenge your perceptions about how you empower the startups you lead and allow you to benchmark your work alongside your accelerator peers.

Reviewing Accelerator Dividends

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In the last 15 years the accelerator model continues to produce resounding returns for investors.

Download and read our most recent white paper on how the accelerator model produces disruptive returns from startup companies worldwide.


Read and view perspectives authored by members from Morrow's Global Accelerator Network. Learn from their unique experiences with startups and the founders they work alongside.


Economic Alignment with Investors

Flat6Labs, Cairo, Egypt

Creating Something Great

Lightship Capital, Cincinnati, United States of America
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Accelerator Workshops

No one knows that better than GAN Managing Directors, which is why GAN Accelerator Workshops are available to new accelerator managers, both within and outside of our community.

These three-day events are designed to help accelerators like you get off the ground, find a sustainable program model that works in your ecosystem, and explore the challenges that new accelerators face using the data and insight from GAN’s powerful community.

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