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Connect with fast-growing and scaling startups who are affiliated and validated by Morrow members across the globe.

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Whether you’re looking to meet startups who use your products and services to grow their businesses or find promising early-stage companies whose solutions meet your innovation and investment goals, you’re exactly where you are supposed to be.

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Your CEO has low to no visibility into your Startup Engagement Program.

We’re here to help startup engagement teams standup programs that help entrepreneurs succeed and show your CEO how the program produces a return, unlike other drivers.

Join ranks with other corporates who understand that startups need a runway to success. They need services, platforms, and resources like yours to help them become profitable quickly.

We help you model startup engagement programs to reach startups at their earliest stage of inception as they join accelerators or spin out of studios. Simultaneously, we create a community of corporates for you to learn and grow with.

Scale your Reach

Find relevant startups who will rapidly adopt and build around your products and services.

It takes intention and consistent presence to build meaningful relationships. Morrow's one-to-many approach multiplies your time and budget to bring new focus to your efforts.

With the opportunity for introductions to more than 21K+ startup founders, 200+ top accelerators and startup studios, plus corporate peers, you’ll be able to scale your reach overnight as you build relationships in Morrow's growing group of networks.

Resources and Products for Innovation Organizations

Built for Speed

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Why the Fast not the Big will Dominate the Future

Startups operate with a level of speed that just doesn’t exist inside the enterprise.

But if small startups move fast, why can’t their large, corporate counterparts move faster? Download this whitepaper to learn more about how corporates can work with startups.


Learn from other corporate partners and their perspectives on working alongside startups.


7 Components of a Powerful Pitch


Creating Something Great

Lightship Capital, Cincinnati, United States of America
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Corporate Startup Engagement

One size does not fit all.

We work alongside some of the biggest corporates in the world, helping their startup engagement teams support founders in countless ways. Every engagement looks a little bit different for our partners because everyone helps startups in different ways.

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Our Perks Marketplace

Founder-Friendly Perks & Offers

Adding a perk to our marketplace increases your brand's visibility and helps startups understand that your product is founder-friendly.

Startups affiliated with Morrow (GAN, GSSN, and GHN) are growing with the help of our partners, like you. For companies that create founder-friendly offers and support startups at the earliest stages win the day with high-value customers that build their businesses on platforms that partners provide.

Visibility & Awareness

Be among the best

Put your products and services before a global audience of startup founders.

Our platform connects innovation organizations (accelerators, hubs, and studios), startups (+20K founders), and partners (you) together to form partnerships that matter.

Add your Perk and connect with our Global Partnerships Team to understand how an endorsement of your product or service is an important driver to any startup engagement program.

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Are you a corporate looking to partner and engage with startups? Or, are you interested in an innovation search? We have two programs designed for corporates and their startup engagement teams.

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