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Empowering Startups Worldwide & Nurturing Entrepreneurial Well-Being for Global Success

It’s not solely about financial support; it’s about fostering a holistic approach to entrepreneurship that places importance on well-being, resource accessibility, and global opportunities.


Accelerators that incorporate The Startup Support Program empower their startups with perks, wellness resources, and a workspace pass for international work and travel. The Startup Support Program includes access to the MAP (Morrow Access Platform) that allows accelerators to better manage their growing portfolios and deliver this program to founders who have gone through a program or currently attending one.

Center on Founder Well-Being

In sum, accelerators who to stack the Startup Support Program onto their existing offerings recognize the multifaceted needs of founders. They aim to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem where founders can thrive not just in their business ventures but also in their overall well-being and global reach. By embracing this holistic approach, accelerators contribute to the cultivation of successful and resilient entrepreneurs ready to tackle the challenges of the modern business landscape.

Understanding that founders need a place to connect with other founders and to be supported with wellness resources, perks and workspace passes.

Perpetual Support for Founders

When the cohort ends is when the hard part starts, the Startup Support Program from Morrow follows founders for the life of their business.

Global Workspace Pass

The Global Workspace Pass allows any startup founder or accelerator staff or leader to visit participating office locations around the world and get up to two weeks of free desk space during their visit. Great for remote employees or distributed teams.

Mental Health & Wellness

We recognize and understand founders face immense challenges when growing a business. In light of that–Morrow provides free and subsidized counseling to founders being impacted by mental health issues.

Perks, Credits & Offers

Enjoy more than $1M+ in perks and offers from the world’s best service and platform providers. Including perks from Amazon Web Services, AMEX, Carta, Dell Github, Globalization Partners, UPS, Zendesk and countless more.

The Startup Support Program

Take action today to redefine the future of entrepreneurship! It's time to shift our focus from just financial support to a more comprehensive approach that values well-being, resource accessibility, and global opportunities.

Join the movement of accelerators that are transforming the startup landscape by stacking The Startup Support Program on top of their own accelerator programming. By doing so, you empower your startups with an array of invaluable benefits, including perks, wellness resources, and a coveted workspace pass for international work and travel.

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