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Fostering growth, accumulating insights, and collaborating with your peers are essential to leading your studio onwards and upwards.

How it Works

This is your space to connect with fellow venture studio leaders who understand the unique challenges of building and scaling multiple ventures simultaneously. Who deal with the same complexities as you do each day. Who know what it takes to identify promising ideas, validate concepts, and launch successful startups at speed and scale.

Forums convene 8-10 venture studio executives and senior operating partners. You'll meet regularly in a confidential peer setting led by an experienced moderator. To get the most value, members commit to full engagement - sharing candid lessons learned, listening openly without judgement, pushing beyond comfort zones, respecting privacy, holding yourselves and peers accountable, and fulfilling all forum responsibilities.

The goal is peer learning. To discuss topics rarely breached outside your own studio walls. To gain insights applicable the moment you return to your portfolio companies. To access a space where you can have high-integrity conversations that help tackle problems keeping you up at night. To connect with leaders who speak your language and intrinsically understand your world.

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Join a Forum of venture studio leaders to advance your career and business.

Engage in candid discussions and exchange ideas with leaders who intrinsically understand the complexities of building and scaling multiple ventures. Gain insights into the pressing topics and challenges facing studio executives today. Forge meaningful connections and relationships you can tap into. Walk away with fresh perspectives and actionable takeaways tailored to advancing your role and studio.

The Venture Studio Leaders Forum led by experts provides an invaluable opportunity to cultivate new thinking, learn from peers walking in your shoes, and propel your leadership forward. Join us and make powerful connections to bring back to your portfolio companies.

The Four Cornerstones of a Forum

I. Mindset in a Forum

Forums foster a unique environment where studio leaders can share openly without fear of judgment. Members listen to each other with deep respect, avoiding giving unsolicited advice. The focus is on learning from shared experiences rather than problem-solving. This mindset enables authentic vulnerability and trust.

II. Confidentiality in a Forum

Everything discussed within Forum stays confidential. Members commit to never sharing others' stories or revealing sensitive details. Breaching confidentiality results in automatic removal. This allows complete openness in sharing challenges and private matters. Confidentiality is critical for building trust.

III. Responsibility in a Forum

Forum members take personal responsibility for fully engaging in and committing to the group. This means prioritizing attendance, arriving prepared, and participating with undivided attention. Members also take responsibility for raising any concerns directly so they can be addressed openly, rather than letting issues build up privately.

IV. Vulnerability in a Forum

Studio members are willing to share at a deeper level by exposing their real challenges, fears or weaknesses. Rather than maintaining a facade of having "everything together," they reveal their authentic selves. This requires leaving egos aside and sharing their 5% most impactful experiences. Vulnerability breeds more vulnerability, gradually creating an environment where meaningful sharing occurs.