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Human Ventures was founded by Heather Hartnett and Joe Marchese in 2015 and quickly became one of New York City’s premier, emerging, startup studios. It is one of the most sought after partners for early-stage founders. Known for our unparalleled network and platform, we accelerate builders from the very beginning.

The venture studio builds companies in the Economy of Human Needs: Health & Wellness, Worker Well-Being, Healthy Media, and Human Connection Through Experience. When EIRs work in our studio, their experience is built around unique programming, strategic advice, founder community, and high-quality introductions. Companies you may know of that have come out of the studio include Current, Paloma Health, Tiny Organics, Lupii, Spora Health, TBD Health, and a variety of others.

As Human Ventures has grown, it also launched its debut fund in 2019 to continue to invest in and partner with founders from the earliest stages of building. The firm has 65 portfolio companies including two unicorns in Headspace and Current.


Education, Environmental, Media/Entertainment, Social Impact


, New York City, New York