Studios | Ferment

Ferment is a company creation studio for the next wave of synthetic biology product companies.

Ferment brings together founders, corporate strategic partners, and investors to build market-defining companies. Their companies take advantage of the economies of scale that the “tools revolution” in biotech has created over the last two decades, and they partner closely with Ginkgo Bioworks, the leading platform for cell programming. As a result, company creation at Ferment looks different: they attract founders with commercial track records in end markets, iterate and test ideas for leveraging biology in their domain, and surround them with resources in order to launch and grow powerful, scalable synthetic biology startups that are product focused.

They have successfully created and launched six companies to date across an array of end markets such as food ingredients, waste remediation, beauty & personal care, consumer nutrition, and animal health. New ideas don’t have to wait. Incredible capabilities are now available to anyone who wants to build with biology. Projects that used to require massive technical resources, infrastructure, and timelines can now launch quickly, with Ferment.




, Boston, Massachusetts