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In 2021 Fundamental emerged from the fusion of two worlds: Startup building and social impact.

Founded as a spin-out of Fundes by two experienced social impact leaders and two entrepreneurial startup builders, we came together with a shared vision: creating for-profit ventures to tackle LATAM’s fundamental problems.

We’re a young venture studio creating tech startups. But we also leverage FUNDES’s forty-year legacy in the sustainable development of Latin América and its traditional economy.

Two of our founders, Elfid Torres and Corentin Larue, are prominent social innovators, while our other two founders, Omar Alvarez and Maxime Braun, have successfully built and scaled multiple technology companies.

When they met in 2021, they envisioned a new model together: a venture studio combining business ventures with social impact, for people to thrive in LATAM. Our hybrid origin has given us an edge in spotting untapped opportunities in LATAM’s traditional sectors. After one year of prototyping with the studio’s core team, we launched four startups in 2023 with like-minded entrepreneurs.


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