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Venture studios are seeking talented co-founders to drive and scale new ventures.

Studio members of Morrow are ready to connect with co-founders focused on the big picture (building ventures) and creating value for customers in a new world of venture creation.

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1. Complete & Submit

Finalize your venture studio submission and provide your consent to actively engage Morrow to help you find a venture studio seeking EIRs (Entrepreneurs-in-Residence).

2. Review & Contact

Morrow's team will conduct a review and reach out to you to gather additional information about your aspirations and objectives in joining a venture studio.

3. Discussion & Goals

Following a favorable assessment, we’ll provide an opportunity for you to delve deeper into your vision and explore how a venture studio can support and align with your objectives.

Is this the opportunity precisely what you've been looking for?

Leverage Morrow and membership base of venture studio in our global network to find your next opportunity.

Studios are actively recruiting talented co-founders to grow their new ventures. If you are seeking an opportunity at a venture studio, engage Morrow and detail for us what you want to build in a well-established studio environment. If we can, we will make in-roads for co-founders who want to push into a studio as an entrepreneur-in-residence.

Venture Studio Members

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