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Delta40 Venture Studio is the venture-building arm of Factor[e] Ventures, a venture capital firm with 9 years of experience investing in and supporting the scale-up of for-profit high social impact technology ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Delta40 co-creates new companies with African entrepreneurs from idea to scale-up while providing them significant strategic and operational support. 

They work with co-founders to identify, test, integrate, adapt, and scale innovative ideas, technologies, and business models on the ground centered around the customer. They focus on building solutions that increase incomes and tackling climate change within three high-impact sectors: energy, agriculture, and mobility. They do this by increasing the speed of venture building, increasing the reach and scale of impact, and reducing common challenges for startups in Africa.


Agriculture, Energy, Environmental, Social Impact, Transportation/Logistics


Farasi Lane, Nairobi,