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The Tools Helping Founders Sell More And Raise Their Next Round

WHEN: April 27, 2023

Events | The Tools Helping Founders Sell More And Raise Their Next Round

Selling and fundraising are two major components of any business. On April 27th, 2023, 11 am ET, we’ll be taking a deeper look into two new tools that entrepreneurs can use to increase conversions and create financial models to help attract investors. Join us for an insight into the potential of these tools for your business, and put your questions to our experts!

Joining us will be: led by CEO, Nate Nasralla

Over 90% of B2B buying happens without sales reps in the room. This means deals are won or lost when champions pitch your product to their own team — in their own words. Fluint helps you to equip your champions by converting their words from your sales meetings into a written, executive-level business case they can’t wait to share.

Forecastr led by Director of Strategic Partnerships, Jeff Erickson

Forecastr is online software that helps founders forecast revenue, predict runway, understand their numbers & get funded. With a powerful financial model in hand, you can now raise money more easily and run your company better. What’s more, Forecastr is with you every step of the way, offering free, online support or dedicated analyst packages for a reasonable fee.