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Venture Studio Boot Camp

WHERE: Virtual

WHEN: July 16, 2024

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Venture Studio Boot Camp

You’re not just building one company. You’re planning to build dozens of startups in the coming years —a complex and uncertain job–you can’t do alone. Enroll in our next cohort to learn critical design choices and structure to build a venture studio. The next Venture Studio Boot Camp begins on April 17, 2024.



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Join our 8-week immersion program for new studios. Download an information packet on the boot camp to learn about the modules and get pricing information based on membership status.

Turn company-building into a science.

Boot Camp Modules

1. Program Welcome & Cohort Meetup

Get to know your cohort and get your questions answered before the program kickoff. Familiarizing yourself with fellow participants not only fosters a sense of community but also creates a supportive network for the journey ahead.

2. The State of Startup Studios & Critical Design Choices

A discussion on the critical design choices studio leaders must make at the earliest stages of their studio, based on global and ongoing research, as well as a debate of the key topics in the studio world like the search for talent, cap table distribution, and more.

3. Establishing Your Advantage

One of the foundational pieces to building a studio is first defining your focus. This will drive all of your studio's future decisions as you build and grow your team, startups, and structure.

4. Structuring Your Studio

Lay the foundation for your success by building your studio's legal and funding infrastructure. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of different options and why different studios approach their design choices in different ways.

5. Formulating Early Teams

What is the right team structure for your studio? In this session, learn how to build a diverse team and find great founders for your venture studios.

6. Raising the Right Way - Funding Your Studio

Fund your studio's operations by choosing the right combination of sweat equity, bootstrapping, raising a round, and alternative revenue models. Discover what makes the most sense for your studio and why.

7. Creating an Investable Ideation & Validation Process

Create a process for generating and validating ideas so that you can bring a knowledgeable process to investors. What's the predictable process your studio will follow to generate high-quality startup ideas? How should you lean into the ruthless elimination of early-stage ideas as a driver to studio value creation?

8. Moving from Validation to Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit is when you find a match between an underserved sizable market and a superior product. Reaching PMF is necessary before investing in growth. Learn the key steps to finding PMF in this session.

9. Lifecycle of a Studio Company

What happens to a studio company as they move through ideation/validation, seed financing, and scale? What role does the studio have at each of these stages? Understand the lifecycle of a studio company.

Startup Studio Boot Camp

‍Join Morrow's 8-week immersion program where you'll design your studio's playbook with input from experienced studio leaders alongside a peer group.

You will turn company building into a science. Get the frameworks and tools you need to succeed, and learn to recruit the top human and financial capital to create high-impact startups from scratch, time and time again.

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