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Member Wellness with Dr Terri Finney

WHEN: January 19, 2023

Events | Member Wellness with Dr Terri Finney


This call explored the subject of founder well-being, whether you’re an accelerator, studio, hub, or founder. Our audience heard Dr. Terri Finney provide insight into developing positive habits for mental wellness.

Dr. Finney completed her doctorate in psychology at the University of Denver. After many years running a clinical practice, she took a step back and made a career change: she took her undergraduate degree in business and psychology and began coaching founders and entrepreneurs. Today, Dr. Finney helps founders by showing them how to figure out who they are, maximize their strengths, understand what makes them happy, and identify the places where they may be getting in the way of their own success. She has also started a Mastermind group for founders, Pinnacle, click here to learn more.

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