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Nex Cubed is a leader in innovation-driven value creation, as a long-term strategic partner and shareholder. They back bold entrepreneurs who are willing to take serious risks to solve real problems. Their core focus is working with early-stage founders to give them everything they need to succeed. They provide a highly competent incubator team to support and guide their startups with quarterly cohorts.

They are the conduit between startups and the ecosystem that brings them success, whether that’s large corporates, mentors, advisors, investors, or academia.
Their large network of highly successful mentors and professional investors, coupled with a loyal and active alumni base, is able to open doors and provide advice throughout the span of each cohort.


Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Cloud, eCommerce, Internet, Machine Learning, Mobile, SaaS, Software, Technology


Fall, Spring


325 Pacific Ave Suite B, San Francisco, California 94111