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The Morrow Founder Pact

The Morrow Founder Pact

The Morrow Founder Pact

by: Morrow|

January 1, 2024

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Morrow Members Support Founders in Perpetuity on their Entrepreneurial Journeys

Being entrepreneurial is at times lonely and marked by uncertainty. Tacitly, all members of Morrow know and understand that the founders they work alongside are at different stages of their entrepreneurial journeys.

In recognizing this, Morrow members pledge to support founders both in their professional ambitions and in the companies they’re creating, and to promote balance between their personal and professional lives.

Founders are not solely defined by their ability to marshal resources to grow companies, but also by their potential to positively impact cities, the people on their teams, and the families they care for. Each founder carries within them a complex set of abilities and powers that may often remain obscured until given the opportunity to flourish.

For members of Morrow, this presents an opportunity not only to support the growth of startups but also to cultivate the full potential of founders as individuals and leaders.

Morrow’s commitment to founders extends beyond professional collaboration. It encompasses a dedication to supporting the holistic well-being and advancement of all people (founder or otherwise), regardless of their backgrounds, national origins, race, sexuality, or identities.

This commitment is not just a matter of principle; it is a strategic imperative for building vibrant and sustainable communities and entrepreneurial ecosystems where every person thrives and flourishes.

Founders have always leaned upon support structures of various kinds at every stage of venture creation: fellow entrepreneurs with whom they can talk about ideas; seasoned founders who share best practices and industry insights; a whole talent stack that can turn ideas into reality; various supply chains which determine so much about the feasibility of various products and services; early stage investors who could offer financial and moral support; and, of course, friends and family who both endure all the ups and downs of each part of the journey and often put the earliest money in.

All these people and organizations, including members of Morrow, serve to guide the founders as they move from idea to scale.

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Support for Cities & Communities

Build Locally and Scale Globally: Focus on the unique strengths and purposes of each city within our network, using the global platform to scale our impact.

Support for Founders

Empower Startup Founders: In line with its commitment to supporting founders at every stage of their journey, Morrow Members agree to support their founders in perpetuity.

Support for Members

Harnessing Collective Power: Collaborate more effectively as a members to share resources, data, and innovative ideas, leveraging each other's strengths to propel our collective endeavors.