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Video Profile: Tom Higley of X Genesis

Video Profile: Tom Higley of X Genesis

by: Marty Foy & Steve Hayton|

October 19, 2022

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Startup Studios and venture studios create new ventures. X Genesis do this, and more. They help entrepreneurs create scalable ventures that drive exceptional financial returns while delivering positive change in the world. Founded in 2015, They combine a market-driven approach with a singular focus on the world’s wicked problems, providing experienced entrepreneurs with access to opportunities, resources, and catalytic communities that accelerate the process of discovering, validating, and launching new ventures aligned with their strengths and sense of purpose.
They began modestly, with a series of 10.10.10 programs – 10 entrepreneurs, 10 wicked problems, 10 days. For each program, they select 10 entrepreneurs who are ready to give their full attention to wicked problems that might become major opportunities.

Using this approach, they’ve helped entrepreneurs create over a dozen new ventures including Concert Health, BurstIQ, Spout, Apostrophe Health, Digital Gaia, and Konbit.

They choose to work with entrepreneurs before they’ve even started their venture or settled on a particular idea. Think of them as fractional co-founders, supporting entrepreneurs who have both the desire and the need to take on wicked problems and explore those possibilities that might turn a wicked problem into an opportunity. And because their success depends on your success, they help you with your opportunity discovery process and strongly encourage you to be certain you have evidence of “founder opportunity fit” before you make the commitment to start your new venture.

For the foreseeable future, their attention is concentrated on three themes: climate & water, learning & work, and health & wellness.

This is Not a Fit for Every Entrepreneur
If you’re only interested in creating a venture that generates a return on investment for a venture firm, this is almost certainly not a fit for you.
If you’re only interested in creating a social venture, a nonprofit, or an impact-focused company with no thought to business model, market, or return on investment, this won’t be a fit for you.

From Possibility to Reality
On the other hand, if you understand and want to use the power of entrepreneurship to move the world, you’ll want to give X Genesis a closer look. And if you not only want but actually need to find your success where ROI and impact intersect, they’re the venture studio that can help you turn this possibility into reality.


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