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Mastering the Art of Pitching Your Venture Studio

A recap of our pitch deck workshop from the GSSN boot camp

A recap of our pitch deck workshop from the GSSN boot camp

by: Steve Hayton|

April 18, 2023

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For the first time ever we hosted a bonus session during the March 2023 cohort of the GSSN boot camp. The session was centered around crafting the perfect pitch deck for a venture studio. Throughout the session, our host Matt Gore of, focused on the importance of an engaging cover slide, showcasing the studio team’s strengths, and presenting a unique opportunity to investors.

One of the main challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the venture studio model is the confusion some people might have about the differences between a venture studio, an accelerator, an incubator, a VC firm, or even an agency model. To better communicate the uniqueness of what venture studios have to offer, it’s vital to follow a strategic storytelling approach.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Deal Flow Sourcing: Create a unique appeal for founders to collaborate with you. Think about strategic partnerships or creating proprietary programs that target local ecosystems with untapped talent. Find distinctive ways to set your venture studio apart!
  2. Establishing a Strike Zone: Have a well-formulated process or set of criteria for selecting winners among your accelerator program’s companies. Let your audience know that your methodology is sound and your venture studio has a direction. A Venn diagram can be an excellent way to represent the different factors that come into play when selecting a company.
  3. Visually Represent Value: Develop a visual representation of the value provided by your venture studio. Use a timeline or process flow to communicate how the venture studio adds value to the founders’ entrepreneurial journey.
  4. Appealing to Limited Partners (LPs): Keep it simple when explaining the venture studio model to LPs who might not be familiar with it. Highlight the risks and rewards associated with the model and reserve more in-depth conversations for follow-up discussions.

As venture studios, your primary goal should be to focus on the unique aspects of the model to differentiate yourself from others in the market. By doing this effectively, you can attract potential founders and LPs, expanding the reach and impact of your studio. Remember to communicate the success stories that have emerged from other venture studios, like Moderna, use terms like “institutional co-founder” and “investing financial and human capital,” and discuss your proven investment methodologies.

As today’s startup ecosystem continues to evolve, it’s crucial to adapt to these changes to make the most of the opportunities venture studios have to offer. Ensuring to communicate your value proposition clearly and effectively is vital to your success.


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