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September 27, 2023

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Criteria for Certifications

This criteria was created by studio members of Morrow.

I. Co-Creation Model with Founders

New ventures are created with founders in your studio advancing quickly along a 1 to 2-year timeline horizon pushing the startup out of the studio.

II. Fair & Favorable Equity Terms for Founders

The equity terms offered to the founding team are fair, aligned with industry standards, and incentivize the team to build a company over the long term.

III. Repeatable Process & Frameworks for Venture Creation

The studio uses a standardized and repeatable process for creation of new ventures and can articulate the value of their approach to stakeholder groups and interested observers.

IV. Endorsements of your Studio

What good things would founders and investors say about your venture studio?

As part of our certification process, Morrow will engage directly with co-founders and investors to capture their candid feedback and insights. Their experiences and success stories– not only to validate your approach but to understand how this emerging community is creating the next generation of ventures.

Start the Process

Getting started on your journey to becoming a certified "Founder-Friendly" studio with Morrow is a proactive step towards establishing your venture studio as a magnet for entrepreneurial talent and investor interest. As the startup landscape becomes increasingly competitive, being "Founder-Friendly" will serve as a powerful differentiator, showcasing your commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of innovators.

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