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Our Vision

At Morrow, our vision is for a Whole Economy, one in which our systems are responsive to the needs, potential, and dignity of all people. To get there, the member and partners in Morrow invest in companies generating returns and creating products, services, and cultures that are additive to their communities. 

Over the next decade, the members and partners of Morrow will launch another 20K+ startups. This is in addition to the 21K+ startups they’ve launched over the last decade. 

We at Morrow wake up every day to empower them.

Our Values

What are our values? It's how we work with each other and members and partners in our networks.

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Our History

Launched as part of the White House’s Startup America initiative, Morrow was created by Techstars in 2010 to connect and equip company-builders around the world.

Since that launch, Morrow’s members and partners have launched more than 21K+ startups on every continent using Morrow’s data, intelligence, platform, and peer networks.