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Sparkling Partners is a generalist startup studio created in 2014 in France, with offices in Lille and Paris.

Sparkling Partners was founded by Martin Toulemonde, co-founder of Chronodrive (sold to Auchan), Jean Derreumaux, co-founder of ETO (sold to Publicis), and Charles Perrard, ex. Kearney in charge of innovation for key accounts.

Sparkling Partners’ mission is to create and develop innovative companies together with entrepreneurs, from the early steps of idea generation to later stages of commercial expansion and profitability reach. The studio supports entrepreneurs and their teams on a daily basis across all the key areas of their business, from strategy to sales & marketing, operations, HR, and finance.

Since its creation, Sparkling Partners has created more than 20 companies, either independently or in collaboration with large corporations, among them Delitoon, Javelot, and Newcard. Sparkling has invested more than €25 million in these companies and created more than 250 jobs in various industries including Retail, Agtech, Food & Beverages, Digital Health, IoT, AR/VR, Edtech, and Digital marketing.

To fuel its portfolio companies’ growth and keep launching innovative projects, Sparkling Partners has built several expert entities including:
– Snark Factory, a software development studio, with capabilities in back-end and front-end web and mobile development as well as database integration.
– Kanope, a custom-made IoT solutions studio, with capabilities in electronics architecture design, prototyping, hardware industrialization, and interfaces development.
– Spaag, a digital marketing agency, with capabilities in digital marketing strategy, customer acquisition and retention, and data analytics.




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