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Neo.Tax was built to help startups claim the money they’re owed.

Through their journey to automate startup taxes, they began by taking on the R&D credit, which allows early startups to offset up to $250k in payroll taxes per year during their first five years. They’ve streamlined the process while also being the most accurate automated tax tool on the market.

Neo.Tax was built by a former IRS agent who audited these exact credits for years. Neo.Tax is democratizing the ability to claim valuable tax credits. Extending access to businesses of all sizes, but especially for small businesses and startups.

Startups typically lack the resources to file for many tax credits. Neo.Tax cuts through centuries of Congress lobbied tax complexity.

n mere minutes, Neo.Tax can uncover every available tax advantage for your business. You provide accurate and transparent information. Neo.Tax does the rest. It’s simple, 100% secure, and guaranteed accurate.


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