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The word Zoë is Greek for “life” or “to give birth”, it reflects the vision to bring life to the employee benefits industry through giving birth to its portfolio companies. Zoë values its culture and deeply believes in return on character: they dream to build a culture centered company that truly embodies life at its fullest. They’ve seen first hand that happy employees make the biggest and most impactful dents in the world even in small numbers. Their goal is to embed this into all of our portfolio companies starting with the Employee Benefits space.

Zoë’s unique focus in Employee Benefits: their mission is to build the next generation of companies who will elevate the Employee Benefits Space. They have designed our focus around everything a founder would need to be successful in founding and exiting in this space. They do this by providing a community of employee benefits experts, capital and turn-key resources to be the best co-founder possible. They’ve also strategically placed industry giants representing the ecosystem on our cap table. This will help drive efficient market validation engagements and swiftly build meaningful momentum for their portfolio companies.

Superman vs Ironman: Traditional investing is looking for the “Superman” – the search for perfection. Venture Studios is the creation of the great – “Ironman”. Zoë is taking the already knowledgeable individual and providing them an Ironman suit. Every subject matter expert can become an ironman with Zoë Foundry.

The perfect co-founder: Zoë believes the best founders are already subject matter experts in their field. They are specifically looking for co-founders who have been in this industry for a number of years or have failed or succeeded in founding a company in this space. The perfect co-founder will have some background in product development and/or have magical talents selling into the space. Zoë will provide everything else.




, Silicon Valley, CA