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Outline: Accelerator Boot Camp

by: Morrow|

April 25, 2024

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Accelerator Boot Camp for Program Managers

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This course provides a comprehensive overview of startup accelerators, guiding participants through designing, implementing, and managing successful programs. Led by industry experts, participants learn about accelerator models, program design, mentorship, founder selection, funding, marketing, and sustainability. Through interactive sessions, they gain practical skills and insights to drive meaningful impact in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Outline of Activity

Week 1: Introduction to Accelerators

Week 2: Designing Your Accelerator

Week 3: Building a Strong Mentorship Program

Week 4: The Founder Selection Process

Week 5: Crafting Your Accelerator Program

Week 6: Funding, Budgeting, and Sustainability

Week 7: Funding, Budgeting, and Sustainability

Week 8: Course Wrap-Up and Reflection

Week 1: Introduction to Accelerators – Pat Riley, Morrow

In Week 1 of our entrepreneurship course, led by expert Pat Riley, participants dive into the world of startup acceleration. Over two hours, they’re introduced to the course objectives, structure, and the concept of accelerators. Pat explains the purpose and ecosystem of accelerators, covering various models and their motivations. By the end, participants grasp the role accelerators play in fostering startup growth and innovation, setting the stage for a fruitful learning journey ahead.

At the heart of the session lies the exploration of accelerators, shedding light on their importance in both the entrepreneurial realm and the wider landscape of innovation. With Pat Riley’s expert guidance, participants grasp the core purpose of accelerators and recognize them as pivotal agents driving growth, innovation, and market expansion in the startup arena.

Week 2: Designing Your Accelerator, T.J. Cook, Ingenuity Venture Fund

In this two-hour session led by TJ Cook, Fund Manager at Ingenuity Venture Fund, participants will explore key aspects of accelerator design, staffing, and mentorship.

TJ Cook will guide participants through understanding the crucial components of accelerator design, including physical space, virtual platforms, and program structure. They’ll learn how to optimize workspace for collaboration, leverage digital platforms for communication, and tailor programs to meet startups’ needs.

The session will also highlight the importance of staffing for success, covering roles and responsibilities essential for accelerator teams. Participants will gain insights into building effective teams capable of driving transformative experiences for startups.


Week 3: Building a Strong Mentorship Program, Eileen Brewer, 757Accelerate

In Week 3, led by Eileen Brewer, Executive Director of 757Accelerate, participants dive into the vital role of mentors in accelerators. Over two hours, they’ll explore strategies for recruiting, training, and matching mentors with startups. Eileen will share best practices for fostering a supportive mentorship culture, ensuring mentors effectively guide startups towards success. By the session’s end, participants will have a robust toolkit for building impactful mentorship programs within their accelerators.


Week 4: The Founder Selection Process, Eric Mathews, StartCo.

In this dynamic 1.5-hour session led by Eric Mathews, participants will gain insights into selecting startups and founders for accelerator programs. They’ll explore criteria and methodologies for assessment, learn about application, screening, and interview processes, and engage in a role-play activity simulating founder interviews. By the end, participants will be equipped with practical skills for identifying and onboarding exceptional founders poised for success.



Week 5: Crafting Your Accelerator Program, Doug Applegate, Purdue Innovation

In this two-hour session led by Doug Applegate, participants will learn to design a tailored accelerator program for startups. They’ll explore structuring key components and scheduling, customizing the program to meet startups’ needs, and integrating real-world projects and partnerships. By the end, participants will be equipped to create dynamic programs fostering startup success.

Week 6: Funding, Budgeting, and Sustainability, Richard Munassi, Tampa Bay Wave

In this two-hour session led by Richard Munassi, participants explore funding, budgeting, and sustainability in accelerators. They learn budgeting essentials, fundraising strategies like grants and sponsorships, and sustainable practices. By the end, they’re equipped to manage finances effectively and build sustainable accelerator programs.

Week 7: Marketing, Branding, and Community Engagement, Elaine Rasmussen

In this two-hour session led by Elaine Rasmussen, participants delve into marketing, branding, and community engagement for accelerators. They learn to develop a strong brand and marketing strategy, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and leverage social media and events for visibility. By the end, they’re equipped to elevate their accelerator programs’ profiles and foster meaningful connections within their communities.


Week 8:  Course Wrap-Up and Reflection РPat Riley, Morrow

In this final two-hour session, participants will review key learnings from the course and engage in group discussions to address potential challenges in accelerator management. They’ll also present their final projects, receiving feedback from peers and facilitators. Finally, they’ll discuss how to apply course learnings to real-world scenarios and personal aspirations, preparing them to drive meaningful impact in their communities and industries.

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