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Venture studio leaders in Morrow’s Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) understand the difficult path from ideation, validation, creation, spinout, and scale-up for the startups and the EIRs you support.

You’re developing technologies, processes, teams, playbooks, and strong studio competencies to test the market, unit economics, and scaling ideas in regions worldwide. Joining GSSN will help you validate your work in this entity class to investors, founders, and many others.

GSSN convenes and collaborates in friendly gatherings with its community that erase national borders and connect with each other across the globe. There is limitless potential for the network to help startups. Partnerships formed within GSSN feel more like friendships, and we forge ahead together.

Joining GSSN as a venture studio provides numerous benefits and opportunities to help your studio succeed. Consider this: 

  1. Networking: GSSN offers a wide range of member companies, which can provide valuable opportunities for networking and collaborating with other professionals in your both inside and outside industry. This can lead to new partnerships, customers for your startups, and investment opportunities.
  2. Resources: GSSN offers a range of resources and services to help members succeed. This can include access to research and industry data, our Studio Master Class training for new hires, and discounts and perks to platforms you use to run startups.
  3. Advocacy: GSSN advocates for our members, working to promote their interests and needs to policymakers and other decision-makers, epecially valuable for venture studios, which many do not have the resources to devote advocacy efforts on their own.
  4. Professional development: GSSN offers opportunities for professional development with monthly workshops and invitations to our annual Summit.

Joining GSSN will be a valuable investment for any venture studio looking to grow and succeed.


Startup Studio Boot Camp

‍Join GSSN's 8-week immersion program where you'll design your studio's playbook with input from experienced GSSN leaders alongside a peer group.

You will turn company building into a science. Get the frameworks and tools you need to succeed, and learn to recruit the top human and financial capital to create high-impact startups from scratch, time and time again.

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