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The startup studio model is working, and investors are paying attention to the asset class and what it means for their portfolios. For studios affiliated with GSSN, the GSSN research and partner team comes to work to tell the story of studio pioneers creating startups with repeatable processes that drive innovation in every sector, industry, and nation. 

The team at Morrow activates and reacts to what the GSSN network needs, from authoring white papers on our industry, surveying members to create data reports, identifying trends to share, and promoting members in the media.


Startup Studio Activations

The magic is the in convening power our network.

GSSN develops boot camps with studio experts, organizes roadshows for foreign delegations, and helps build a pipeline of mentors and investors to help your startups succeed.

If you are serious about joining GSSN, take the next step and connect with the membership team to learn about the operating models, playbooks, data, and community available to all GSSN members.

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Disrupting the Venture Studio Landscape

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Why the Startup Studio Model is Where Investors Find Capital Efficiency

In a world where “startup studio,” “venture studio,” “company builder,” and “venture builder” are all terms used interchangeably, the conversation with investors and entrepreneurs about this innovative form of company building begins complicated and only digresses from there.

Morrow's Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) released this white paper to help educate startup communities on the growing startup studio model and the advantages it presents to its stakeholders. Read our White Paper: Disrupting the Venture Landscape