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Corporate studio leaders in Morrow’s Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) understand how to manage innovation at the Fortune 1000 level. 

Corporate venture studios create startups by identifying promising early-stage companies and investing in them. Providing funding and resources to help these startups grow and succeed in an environment with resources, experts, and industry know-how. In addition to providing funding and resources, corporate venture studios provide many startups access to the corporation’s network of customers, partners, and suppliers. 

You’re developing technologies, processes, teams, playbooks, and strong studio competencies to test the market, unit economics, and scaling ideas in regions worldwide. Joining GSSN will help you validate your work to the C-Suite. 

Highly valuable for startups that may not yet have a strong network of their own to find new opportunities and scale quickly.

By investing in and supporting early-stage companies, these studios can help these startups scale quickly and contribute to the larger corporation’s business and innovation goals. 

GSSN convenes and collaborates in friendly gatherings with its community that erase national borders and connect with each other across the globe. There is limitless potential for the network to help startups. Partnerships formed within GSSN feel more like friendships, and we forge ahead together.


Forge Ahead With Peers

Understand how to build better startup businesses with tactics and advice from your corporate studio peers.

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