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21,000 Startups and Counting

Number of Startups in Our Networks

In the last decade, supporting startups has been marked by changes and advancements for those providing them with resources.

The rise of startup accelerators and studios, which provide mentorship, funding, and access, has helped create a new culture of entrepreneurship that lionizes a founder's journey as both exceptional and pivotal in developing new markets to build products for the world.

Just like accelerators and studios, corporate partners do the same job; they provide mentorship, funding, and access to startup founders. They have helped many startups overcome the challenges of starting a new business, raising capital, developing a product, and finding their first customers.

Increasingly the data proves this works well for both startups and corporate partners, as you'll learn.

A Leap Forward

Forward-thinking and innovative enterprises understand startups create the future and change the world for the better. Supporting them as they spark innovations is an adventure worth going along on.

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Corporate & Startup Connections


Startups operate with a level of speed that just doesn’t exist inside the enterprise.

But if small startups move fast, why can’t their large corporate counterparts move faster? Download this whitepaper to learn how corporates can work well with startups.

Innovation at the Enterprise Level

Be a champion for startups in your enterprise organization.

For large enterprises working alongside startups can offer challenges to the mighty. While enterprises can support startups with expertise, access to new customers, and something most startups are in real need of, money. Startup founders are challenged by navigating the complexities of large organizations.

Wise executives at enterprise organizations understand that startups provide immense value and upside for their businesses.

Simultaneously, and not surprisingly, executives are challenged by the same complexities founders face, but their obstacles are internal to their enterprise. Slowness and a myriad of cross-departmental functions frustrate both the entrepreneur and the executive.

To overcome these obstacles, Morrow and our team resource corporates with tools to make work with startups easier and more beneficial.

Every engagement looks a little bit different for our innovation partners because everyone works with startups in different ways. To learn more about our innovation programs, download the information packet about

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