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September 14, 2023

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Criteria for Certifications

This criteria was created by accelerator members of Morrow.

I. Fair & Favorable Equity Terms for Startups

*Certified Startup Accelerators ensure fairness in equity terms, with a commitment to never exceed a 10% equity stake from the startup. This approach acknowledges the distinct contributions of startups and accelerators, fostering an environment where both thrive and produce powerful outcomes.

II. Mentorship-Driven Curriculum & Capital Connections

Your accelerator offers access to a growing network of mentors and investors who assist startups in product improvement and fundraising, with mentors from diverse domains providing expertise. Additionally, the network of investors serves as a crucial link between startups and financial support, driven by a genuine commitment to the startups' growth, enabling pitching, funding, and expansion through your accelerator's connections.

III. Short-Term Program Duration (3 - 6 Month Cohort)

The accelerator program operates with cohorts lasting 3 to 6 months, inviting 5 to 20 startups to participate in a transformative journey involving structured curricula, intensive workshops, and personalized mentorship. Throughout the program, startups immerse themselves in an ecosystem that encourages innovation and collaboration, engaging with experts, successful entrepreneurs, and investors who provide valuable insights and skills to thrive in evolving markets.

IV. Alumni Endorsement

What would alumni say about your program?

The voices of alumni serve as a testimonial to the value of your accelerator program. Founders often highlight how the intensive mentorship and workshops played a role in transforming their initial ideas into a fast-scaling startup.

Allow your alumni to commend the diverse and rich network they gained access to as part of a program you ran especially well.

Part of the certification process is an exploration into how founders found value in your program and accelerator.

Start the Process

Certifying your accelerator as "Founder-Friendly" is essential for showcasing its credibility to startup founders.

Engage Morrow to prepare your application highlighting your program's strengths, successful outcomes, and benefits like mentorship and resources. Show evidence of your accelerator's ability to nurture scalable companies.

Start your application today.

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