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Xelpmoc loves working on path-breaking stuff. They get their kicks from simplifying complex design & technology solutions, iconic stuff that would make a difference to the world. Which is why they chose the name ‘Xelpmoc’. Essentially, they turn complex around.

Xelpmoc’s venture companies span across finance, agriculture, transportation, education, travel, IOT, health, ecommerce and communication sectors.

Xelpmoc has assembled a talented team of designers, technologists, product managers, marketing-finance-hr and legal experts, and communications specialists to provide end-to-end technology solutions and mentorship to entrepreneurs. They build on each others’ expertise, working together in collaborative teams to generate great outcomes for their startups.T

Their people and culture make Xelpmoc a great place to work. Their people are some of the most creative, interesting and dedicated folks that you will ever meet. Exactly the kind you’d love to work with.




Hitech City Main Rd Diamond Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081