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The search for talent is one of the hardest challenges that companies of all shapes and sizes face, but for startups, the right hire at the right time can be instrumental in their success. Over the last few years, the landscape in the way we work has changed, and the most competent engineers or the best salespeople might no longer be found in the traditional tech hotbeds, or near where your company is headquartered; and that’s where Remote comes in.

Remote strips away the complexities of hiring internationally, or building out a global team footprint without the need to set up a local legal entity. By managing everything including employment agreements, compliance, benefits, payroll, and taxes, Remote gives valuable time back to startups, so they can focus on what matters most – driving growth.

Remote’s Founder and CEO, Job van der Voort, experienced the issues and pain points of growing international teams while he was VP of Product at GitLab. He decided to step out and realize a better way to help startups access the best talent, regardless of location, but also to democratize talent globally by opening up incredible job opportunities to those who may not traditionally have access to them. Back in 2019, pre-pandemic, he started to build Remote with the firm understanding that the future of work was enabling distributed teams to easily and effectively be set up and managed.

Remote serves thousands of startup and growth companies, employing tens of thousands of full-time employees and contractors across the world.


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