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GELLIFY is the first innovation platform dedicated to the B2B market, supporting startups and companies.

GELLIFY helps all innovation ecosystem players to create a better way to collaborate and grow in a fast and sustainable manner.

It’s the first innovation platform that invests in B2B software digital startups and connects them to traditional companies to innovate their processes, products, and business models. To do so, GELLIFY built a B2B innovation community called EXPLORE which connects entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals through B2B events and phygital experiences. In this way, GELLIFY penetrates far beyond the digital sphere and the scope of a meeting community. It is a powerful engine for growth that infuses businesses with the latest technologies from startups and GELLIFY capabilities and can support each innovation project from design to implementation.

GELLIFY is comprised of two business units:

• GELLIFY for Startups, which specializes in the “gellification” of startups that have already gained market traction. The Gellification Program provides more comprehensive services than mentorship and other basic services that are typical of incubators. Its growth program lasts 6-24 months and involves every business function.

• GELLIFY for Companies, which provides open innovation services to small businesses and large corporations who are willing to create new innovative business paths. They specialize in corporate venturing, innovation strategy, the digitalization of sales and marketing, Industry 4.0, and digital operations, and workforce augmentation.

GELLIFY works as an international technology transfer highway. It acts locally by raising funds from high-tech, institutional, and private investors. These funds allow GELLIFY to invest in the most cutting-edge and high-potential B2B software technologies while simultaneously permitting these ventures to benefit from the reach of GELLIFY’s global platform. The ventures’ participation in the platform also benefits EXPLORE community members and GELLIFY clients as they develop their own innovation agendas.


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