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Innovation districts are popping up worldwide with many goals in mind, most importantly, to create a strong community of entrepreneurs that make place worth calling home.

For those tasked with growing innovation districts and you will find a strong community of peers in our emerging network, the Global Hubs Network (GHN). Our fast-growing network of hubs lets you learn and grow inside a community of vision-driven and value-minded operators. These are people who get stuff done.

Does your city support an innovation district and entrepreneurship with grant-supported funding to bring startups close to home? 

Innovation districts ‘hub’ talented people. These hubs are created with the goal of attracting and retaining high-tech and startup businesses, offering a range of amenities and resources to support these businesses. These resources may include shared workspace, incubators and accelerators, and access to funding and mentorship.

Innovation districts benefit cities and regions in highly visible and invisible ways, including economic development, job creation, and increased innovation and competitiveness. By providing a supportive environment for startups, innovation districts drive economic growth and development in the surrounding area.

Whether your hub hosts 50 startups or 500, learn alongside others who create community and promote startups in their towns and cities.

Creating the Space

Learn and grow in the Globa Hubs Network (GHN) with leaders like you who understand impact reporting, grant management, and how growing startups grow communities.

Building an innovation district and entrepreneurial haven requires a certain level of, "je ne sais quoi," as they say. An elusive yet attainable quality that welcomes startups and their founders into an area to do their best work. Learn more about our emerging hubs community by connecting with our partnerships team.

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