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Colleges and universities that create Campus Innovation Hubs encourage the development of new businesses and the next generation of startup founders. How many startups started in a dorm room?

Campus Innovation Hubs give confidence to student founders from diverse backgrounds and a reason to believe in themselves. Campus Innovation Hubs:

  1. Support a diverse range of startups: Campus Innovation Hubs help foster innovation and encourage the development of new ideas. This can include startups in a variety of industries and sectors, as well as startups founded by students, faculty, and alumni.
  2. Providing funding and resources: By providing funding and resources to participating startups, colleges and universities can help these businesses get off the ground and scale quickly. This can include funding in the form of grants or loans, as well as access to shared workspace and other resources.
  3. Offering educational programming: College campus hubs offer educational programs, such as workshops, courses, and lectures, to help participating startups learn and grow, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship on campus.
  4. Building a network of mentors and advisors: College campus hubs have a network of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts who provide guidance and support to participating startups. These mentors and advisors help startups navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business and accessing campus resources. 
  5. Hosting demo days and other events: Many college campus hubs culminate in demo days, where startups present their progress and pitch to a group of investors, industry experts, and other university stakeholders.

Overall, a college campus can be a powerful tool for fostering innovation and supporting the development of new businesses on campus. By providing startups with the resources and support they need to succeed, colleges and universities can help these businesses thrive and contribute to the local economy both near and far.

Empower Your Students

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, WordPress, and Dell all started in a college dorm room by founders being mentored by faculty members like you.

Assume this: the next wave of innovation is happening on your college or university campus. How are you helping?

Faculty and alumni helping their college campus tell an innovation story are encouraged to learn more about our emerging community, the Global Hubs Network (GHN), created for people who bring people together at their hub of innovation.

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