Morrow Event

The Future of the Venture Studio Model

WHEN: July 13, 2023

Events | The Future of the Venture Studio Model

Join us on July 13th as we take a deep dive into the future of the venture studio model, we’ll be taking a deeper look at two studios working very different models.

First up, we’ll be joined by Gene Keselman of Proto Ventures, MIT’s venture studio. Being based out of a prestigious university has meant this studio doesn’t need to worry about keeping LPs happy, allowing Proto Ventures to focus on what we all love to do, build!

Also joining us on the panel will be Zach Ferres of Coplex Studio. Coplex develops and co-manages corporate startup studios to help enterprise and philanthropic organizations launch new ideas that align with their vision, mission, and financial goals. This studio spent years building ventures before pivoting to focus on working with corporations to build their own studios!

Proto Ventures is MIT’s launchpad for transformational impact. Proto Ventures seeks to use new technology paradigms and venture building to help solve the world’s great challenges.

They value collaborative, diverse, and inclusive communities within and around MIT that are capable of manifesting new transformative technology ventures into the world that solve the greatest challenges of the 21st century.


Cleantech, Energy


, Cambridge, MA