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Picture This

One-to-many global startup engagement, rather than working on your own, connecting with one program or startup at a time, becoming a partner in Morrow means instant access to 200+ world-class accelerators, studios, and hubs, and more than 21K+ affiliated founders of startups.

Drive Awareness

First, let us help you articulate your value proposition to startups–this is very different than engaging with SMBs or at the enterprise level.

Second, let us do our thing and hype your program and products to startups at the earliest stages of inception and those gaining traction in the marketplace.

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Find relevant startup users who will rapidly adopt and build around your products or services.

Perks and Offers for Startups

Adding a perk to our marketplace increases your brand's visibility and helps startups understand that your product is founder-friendly.

Startups affiliated with Morrow (GAN, GSSN, and GHN) are growing with the help of our partners like you. For companies that create founder-friendly offers and support startups at the earliest stages win the day with high-value customers that build their businesses on platforms that partners provide.

Our platform connects innovation organizations (accelerators, hubs, and studios), startups (21k+ founders), and partners (you) to form partnerships that matter.

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Startup Engagement Programs

Get the insights you need to manage both up and down in your corporate organization. Be a champion to startups and articulate to your C-suite how working alongside startups creates a net positive outcome for your business and the founders you want to do business with.

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