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Envoy for Innovation

Whether you’re part of corporate development, innovation, or a venture team, you now have the opportunity to meet more than 21K+ of the world’s top startup founders who are looking to do business with established corporations like yours—further empowering your innovation initiatives.

For Innovation Teams at the enterprise level (Fortune 100 to 1000), we connect you to innovation organizations (accelerators, hubs, and studios) and the startups affiliated with them. We serve as envoys providing warm introductions to leaders of startups and their founders for pilot programs, prototype developments, and proof-of-concept projects.


Startup Connections

Forge ahead of your corporate competitors with startup innovation. For corporates needing innovation and ingenuity–startups are the source of transformation at the enterprise level.

For startups needing resources and guidance, warm introductions with the right corporate innovation teams await.

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Innovation at the Enterprise Level

Understand where the world is going with affliated startups from Morrow's community of networks. Connect with our corporate partnership team to understand how we bring ingenuity and innovation to corporates.

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