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Run 3X More Pilots

Big companies are being disrupted faster than ever, and innovation efforts at the corporate level aren’t working.

According to McKinsey, 84% of leadership and CEOs believe innovation is critical to growth, but only 6% are satisfied with their current results. Large corporate businesses are spending less time on innovation and more time on internal operations, which results in slow, or worse, no growth and the very real potential of disruption by competitors.

And yet, CEOs want to invest in innovation with emerging startups creating the next wave of technologies.

Be a champion for startups in your organization and start piloting projects with startups today.

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A Framework for Innovation

Repeatable & Scalable Innovation for Corporates

Pilot Management

Test new ideas and concepts in a controlled environment to identify solutions that can be scaled up and integrated into existing business models. A good pilot involves you and your team collaborating closely with startups, focusing on flexibility, experimentation, and rapid iteration.

  • Discover to Define Innovation Opportunities
  • Scout Startups from Morrow’s Global Network

A Single MSA (Master Services Agreement)

Startups move fast, and contracts slow progress. Agreements between a startup and corporates is when innovation slows to a halt, the solution? Sign a single MSA with Morrow to manage pilot projects with startups you want to work with.

  • Agree & Contract with Startups
  • Define an SOW (Statement of Work)

Innovation Flex Account

Corporates need the flexibility to run pilots, but annual budgets fail to forecast or plan for this special type of investment. Overcome this with a separate innovation flex account to deploy capital investment into startup pilot projects.

  • Pay Startups Quickly
  • Separate Innovation Spending

Start a Pilot

Startups want to work with you.

Simultaneously, and not surprisingly, executives are challenged by the same complexities founders face, but their obstacles are internal to their enterprise. Slowness and myriad of cross-departmental functions frustrate the entrepreneur and the executive. Overcome this by leveraging our innovative programs designed to speed up the process of working with startups.

Be a champion for startups in your organization and start piloting projects with startups today.

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