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Love the Experience

Corporate Partners support Morrow’s growing networks and the startups affiliated with member innovation organizations (accelerators, hubs, and studios). Partners often come to us with the intent of finding a new method to drive new business and sales-qualified leads, but what they often come away with is a lot of insights on how they should operate their startup engagement programs to make them founder-friendly.

This is what the team at Morrow calls “love the experience,” our team helps newbies with engagement programs, prepare a plan of action, and develops offers and programs that are attractive to startup founders.

First, we help articulate a founder-friendly offer, and second, we endorse that offer because we understand how startups resource their operations at the beginning of their business. This creates a winning strategy for the startup founder, the partner, and members of Morrow.



Where you’ll go next

We Could Go On Roadshow

For partners interested in connecting with early-stage startup founders and engaging with accelerator staff in their workspace, a roadshow is a fun and helpful way to create the person-to-person connections we all seek.

Activating a space for startups creates goodwill and brand awareness partners will need to make the case they’re founder-friendly.

Startup Conferences

For partners interested in brand recognition and face-to-face interactions with startup founders, activating at startup conferences is a high-value engagement that gets everyone in the same room.

From sponsored pitch contests to hosting happy hours, it’s all upside for partners that welcome startup founders at conferences and conventions.

Learn About Programs

Connect with our Global Partnerships Team about programs, packages, engagements, and activations that we’ll co-create together to make a net positive impact on your brand and business.

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