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The Global Accelerator Network has programming and products for members in the European region.

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European Accelerators

Connect with both global and regional accelerators to understand and learn alongside your peers to build a world-class accelerator program.

European Accelerators

European accelerators who work with and grow the next generation of startups in the region are empowered with the latest trends, benchmarking data, and a community that produces resounding returns for the betterment of startup businesses and investors.

The Accelerator

Model is Changing

In Both Europe and Abroad


GAN Europe

Your peers at accelerators are waiting for you, both in your region (Europe) and around the globe.

Accelerators are changing and defining the way startups launch, and leaders in GAN continually re-evaluate the model to better serve the startups they support.

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GAN Europe

Do you have questions about the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) in Europe?

The team at NMA.VC is in your time zone and can help you understand how membership in the network provides European accelerator resources startups need to be successful. An accelerator themselves, NMA.VC runs programs for startups and corporates. A valued partner in Morrow's Global Accelerator Network, NMV.VC and plays host to European members and connects them to the region.

Questions? Ping Us

At NMA, we value the power of networks, and we strongly believe in engaging in exchanges among peers.
We learn new things, and we can use our networks to validate ideas, generate new business and, most importantly and help others in our network.

Nico Lumma

Managing Director, NMA.VC